No to the oppression of independent media and journalists!

On 6 February, two earthquakes centred in Kahramanmaraş hit 11 provinces, while the government left the citizens alone with their fate. As if this was not enough, threats against the press increased and millions of people who criticised the government were intimidated by saying “we are taking note”.

In October, RTÜK imposed a three-day blackout on TELE1 for criticising TİP MP Serra Kadıgil’s criticism of the Diyanet. TELE1 then appealed to the judiciary for the cancellation and stay of execution of RTÜK’s fine. Ankara 2nd Administrative Court unanimously issued a stay of execution on 26 October. The court has now cancelled the stay of execution. RTÜK’s three-day screen blackout penalty will be implemented on 23-24-25 February.

In addition to the fine imposed on TELE1, journalist Bülent Mumay was also targeted with slander by the pro-government media for criticising the government.

In 21 years, our people, who have suffered all kinds of pain, deserve to live in a secular, democratic and social state of law.

We, the journalists following in Uğur Mumcu’s footsteps, will continue to write and speak the truth in the face of all these sufferings.

As the European Union of Turkish Journalists, we declare: We will not shut up!

European Union of Turkish Journalists
Chairman Recai Aksu on behalf of the Board of Directors